How to play


  • 100 double sided career cards, with an illustration on one side and a career description on the other.
  • 25 Bingo cards
  • Colourful markers
  • Instruction booklet

Career Bingo is a game for 2–25 people that might provide participants with an unsettling experience.

The rules for Bingo are simple and winning requires neither strategy nor any great understanding of how the game works. Instead a round is decided entirely based on luck and all participants have the same chance of winning.

The game has two very important components that together create the basic rules. These are the career cards and the Bingo cards that are divided into squares with the names of careers matching those of the career cards. All the 100 careers from the career cards are to be found on the associated Bingo cards, but they are placed on different Bingo cards which makes it highly probable that a single participant gets Bingo first.

The caller reads out the first sentence, the description of the career, on the career card that has been drawn. Each career has a four-sentence description, with the first sentence being fairly general. If none of the participants can figure out the career the caller goes on to the second description, which gives a little more detail about the career. The third description says yet a little more about the career. The fourth and last description says fairly clearly which career it is. This means that Career Bingo works very well also with younger children.

The goal of Career Bingo is to be the first to have a complete vertical, horizontal or diagonal row and to call out BINGO! to let the others know what has happened and to pause the game to check the result. After that it is common to continue the round until the next player gets BINGO. The final winner is the player who is the first to cover the whole Bingo card.

It is possible to use Career Bingo in many different ways. You might like to get help from the school’s careers adviser in developing different activities linked to Career Bingo.

  • You can simply play Bingo together with the students. Instructions can be found in a separate folder that comes with the game.
  • You can also use the career cards and let the students choose one or more careers to find out more about.
  • You can let the students find out more about educational routes and job prospects, preferably together with the school’s careers adviser.
  • You can let the students find out more about characteristics linked to the careers. Each career card contains at least one sentence to do with personal characteristics. This will help increase the students’ self-awareness. Preferably together with the school’s careers adviser.
  • And last but not least – play Career Bingo with your children and your students just because it is such great fun!