About the game

Play to enjoy learning about jobs and careers

When the Swedish company Visuell Vägledning (Visual Guidance) decided to develop a tool for careers advice in schools we wanted this to be a tool that helps build children’s and young people’s knowledge about jobs and careers and that does this in a colourful and exciting way. Our aim was for our children and young people – and adults as well for that matter – to be able to use play to acquire increased knowledge about all the many jobs and careers that exist, but also to acquire increased knowledge about what the different jobs entail and what is required to work in a particular job. In the game, each job is described in four sentences. Sometimes they are tricky! But this will help develop the children’s vocabulary and make them more aware of all the different types of careers out there.

What we want to give you is a concrete and questioning tool where you can dig, carve, chisel, debate and paint to create your own image of the job market.

Careers advice – enjoyment for the whole school!

Career Bingo is a game for 2–25 people that might provide participants with an unsettling experience. The game takes you out into an exciting world of jobs and careers, but in the safety and security of your home or classroom. The career representatives are more or less gender neutral and Career Bingo turns your ideas upside down and creates expectations and hopes of a brilliant future career. Above all it broadens your children’s horizons and their ideas about what is possible for them in the exciting job market of today.

Let your school students play Career Bingo because

  • you as a parent want to let your child choose from the very great number of careers there are
  • you as a head teacher want to ensure that your staff turn theory into practice
  • knowledge held by school staff becomes more concrete through an activity
  • you as a teacher want to be able to use the game to challenge, problematize and demonstrate alternatives to traditional educational and careers choices which might otherwise limit the students’ future studies and careers
  • you as a careers adviser have a completely different starting point for advice interviews when your students have knowledge about a large number of different careers and are used to question their own ideas about different careers
  • students can learn about 100 different careers and therefore make their choices for A-level subjects with greater certainty
  • it becomes possible to work with more of a questioning and gender aware approach to teaching.
  • IT IS FUN!